Hapsbox 54 Keys Electronic Keyboard Music Piano with Full-Size Keys for Beginners

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Electronic Keyboard Music Piano is an entry-level electronic organ that is very suitable for beginners. The appearance design is exquisite, concise, and clear. The LCD display not only displays the status of each function but also has finger follow-up instructions. The notes being played can correspond to the staff on the screen, which is very beneficial for beginners. The piano body is small and light, weighing only 3.5KG. It can be carried around whenever and wherever possible.
  • Electronic Keyboard Music Piano With Full Size Keys. It is helpful for beginners to become familiar with the traditional piano, allowing users to have a better playing experience.
  • Electronic Keyboard Music Piano like a huge music library, it have 200 tones, 200 rhythms, 50 demo songs, A number of wonderful sounds and classic songs are presented.
  • The functional area is equipped with a LCD display, allowing you to display the status of the functions you are using more clearly and simply. At the same time, the powerful built-in teaching function feedback presented on this high-definition display can also be used Make it easier for you to learn to play.
  • Electronic Keyboard Music Piano 54-key electronic keyboard has two built-in high-quality speakers, and an attached tweeter, stereo surround sound, make your music being better.
  • Three intelligent teaching modes will help you quickly become a keyboard master. Including single learn mode, Synchronized Learn mode and Concert Learn mode, you can follow your keyboard teacher intimately.