Hapsbox Bluetooth Musical Instruments In One

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This is HapsBox. There’s nothing quite like it. This is an instrument created by a professional musician and music lover who believed that a new way to play music was missing. That new way is here and anyone can use it, whether you’re a music pro or you have no music background, HapsBox brings people closer to the power to make music!


The Futuristic Style

The overall style of HapsBox is simple and truly original. With an oblate ellipsoid body and a ring handle, just like a UFO from outer space, HapsBox is and looks like a musical instrument of the future.

Newbies Will Love It, Pros Will Treasure It

While any person who is simply curious about music will be able to have fun and create music with HapsBox, it should be said that pros will be able to make the most of all the value that HapsBox can offer. 

Playing The Keys Beyond Tradition

Pianos and organs produce spectacular sound, but only if you know how to play them… and, let’s face it, being a good pianist is a work of years of study, practice and dedication.

High-Quality Bluetooth

While HapsBox produces sound, it is also a high-quality Bluetooth audio system. Its 360° speaker produces a "three-frequency balanced" deep, jaw-dropping sound spreading in every direction. When everyone stands around HapsBox, everyone gets the same experience. A high fidelity sound experience will restore the sound of the instrument, as if you were in a concert hall. HapsBox’s professional resonant cavity structure design works as a waveguide equivalent.

The Hapsbox App

The HapsBox app is designed to show you controls that mimic the device. That means you can see every button and control knob on HapsBox, which will be visually corresponding to each other on the app. However, beyond this corresponding layout, you can customize any button according to your imagination and set it to any instrument you want, any pitch, or even any rhythm or speed. 

Community Interaction

At the same time, if you want to save, share or play a song you like or that you heard from someone, the HapsBox app will let you save and share audio, video, music, and button parameters. All from the convenience of your phone!

The Immersive Sound Effects

Hapsbox's two high-quality listening level speaker modules are placed on both sides of the product at a 36-degree angle, perfectly transmitting each note of the player to everyone who is around. An upturned 20-degree angle vibrates the air above each note, allowing each eardrum to receive the air more directly, rather than reflecting off the ground. Our sound team made unremitting efforts to compress the boxes of two 20-liter full-frequency speakers into three small boxes (two boxes and one low-frequency resonant box), which laid a solid foundation for us to enable everyone to be immersed in the world of music.